Blake's World

For the first half of my Spring Break I wanted to visit one of my best friends (and recent matron of honor at my wedding) and her 18 month old cutie. The "T" family is now stationed in Charleston which is only a little over a 3 hour drive from Jacksonville (much better drive then their last two stations in Colorado and Oklahoma). The first day of my visit was a gloomy day with on and off rain and was not ideal for my vision of an Easter shoot. Well in the mean time I started shooting candids of coloring, potty training, playing at the park, and bath time. I really liked the easy flow of Blake's daily life and even though he wasn't looking at the lens in every shot he was still engaging me in his activities and routines. I felt I got better pictures in his 'world' then when I tried to stage an Easter themed shoot. I picked one morning when mama was at work and we got breakfast and morning fun out of the way. I set up a blanket, easter basket with grass and eggs, a matching fedora hat, and a little stuffed bunny. Blake was interested when I first brought him out but thought his job was to take every egg out of the basket and throw them off the blanket (hysterical to witness). He knew I wanted him to stay in a certain area and after about 10 minutes he was completely over it and wanted to run down the sidewalk. My favorite was when this became a game, he knew he wasn't supposed to run away and if I could get far enough ahead of him he would start giggling into a squeal! After 3 days of on and off shooting I ended up enjoying the outcome of the easy going shots then the staged photo shoots. At this age I think he had to many ants in his pants to stay still outside. I think I managed to get enough potty training and bath time shots to completely embarrass him for his senior yearbook and/or the wedding slideshow. Thank you Blake and the T family for letting me capture the beauty in the everyday moments of your extraordinary lives.