Superhero Rory

Hello Loves,

I haven't posted a blog in a while and now that I'm on summer break from teaching I hope to keep up with it! This blog is about a very special little girl I met almost two years ago. Her mom was a coworker of mine and had a very difficult pregnancy. One day during summer school she was feeling very uncomfortable and our principal forced her to go to the hospital. Turns out Rory was ready to enter the world and fill it with sunshine. Aurora Isabella Nicole, or Rory as we like to call her, came into the world 7 weeks early and that has surely been a tell-tale sign of what kind of baby she is. Not one to be left behind or told she is too little to do anything, Rory has never let anything slow her down. What is amazing about Rory, is that she has a metabolic disorder called LCHAD. Which basically means that her body cannot store or process fats that we use for energy. She has a very restricted diet and cannot go long periods without eating (even while she sleeps). After a month in the NICU, 8 hospital admissions, 2 genetics teams, a case study, countless trips to the doctor, and many sleepless night (mostly for mommy). As you can see Rory's mom is just as much of a superhero as she is (must be where she gets it!) Rory is a healthy, happy soon to be 2 year old! Her mama is one of the strongest woman I know. I have never seen her break down but constantly is showing her daughter that love and laughter can concur anything. I was honored to shoot Rory's birthday photoshoot with her annual cake smash. We used angel food cake and fat free whipped cream to make eating and smashing not only delicious but safe for her. Her birthday party theme is Abby from Sesame Street and dressed up as the adorable character for this shoot. As you can see, she is a superhero and as beautiful as ever!  Rory has so much to show the world and will conquer it one cake smash at a time. 


<3 KP