Charleston get away

Earlier in June after I finished with the school year and post planning, the hubby and I went to take a little trip up to Charleston to visit my best friend Ashley,  her husband, and adorable toddler Blake. We ate emnormous amounts of delicious food, a few cocktails, met up with more friends, and had a lot of laughs. I love the city of Charleston, my beautiful bestie lives right outside of downtown in a goregous community with so much entertainment. Friday we loaded up on oysters, tuna tar tar, and mahi tacos then headed to her community's food truck rally to meet up with neighbors and have her toddler play his little heart out. Saturday we met up with my high school best friend and Andy's college best friend for a delicious and massive brunch of the best chicken and waffles. Then followed by an afternoon of fun in the sun with Blake at the pool. Saturday night we went out to a fancy resturant with more amazing food and carried our party to the rooftop bar where we made friends with the manager who provided us with rounds of free drinks. It was a glorious night with so much laughter. On Sunday, the boys went golfing in the heat while Ashley and I set up for a quick newborn photo shoot for her neighbor. Carson was as adorable as ever with his chunky cheeks and care free personality. Taking a break from the newborn shoot to let him feed, the toddlers had a water party in the back yard. I bought those new water balloons that you fill up 40 at a time and they are already tied. They don't pop but only get a tiny prick and leak the water out slowly. The kids had a blast! I was so excited to capture such a fun day in the sun without getting too wet! Afterwards we all dried off and went to the park when the temps cooled down and took family pictures. I loved the greenery and shade Charleston has to offer. We will be back in August for Blake man's 2nd Birthday party and can't wait!