Daisy's Birth Story | Jacksonville, Florida | Birth Photography

Some things in life just seem to fall into place. Saturday morning I went to a good friends baby shower and sat next to a woman I did not know. After awhile of chit-chatting we really connected. I heard her say that she was a Doula and I mentioned to her that I just started my own photography business this past Spring. She immediately asked if I wanted to photograph a birth later that day. She talked about how much she loved my energy and how she felt it connected with the mama-to-be. We exchanged contacts and went home and prepared to meet up later at the hospital. Jessie, the mama, had started contractions the night before and decided to head to the hospital around midnight Saturday night. Jessie was such a strong warrior and labored for 22 hours all natural. I felt so lucky to be apart of such an intimate, close and supportive team of loved ones coaching Jessie through her journey. Daisy made her entrance into the world a little after 9:30pm Sunday night. There is no doubt she will be one loved and spoiled little girl. Congratulations Jessie and Mike on your gorgeous little girl.